Search Ads or SEM

What are search ads? How can it benefit you?

What are Search Ads?

The Top 3 results of every search you perform are search ads. Search Ads make it simple to show the world what’s unique in your business.

Where do people Search?

More than 90% of online searches are done through Google, making it ideal for advertising.

Google is where people search for what to try and do, where to travel and what to shop for. Your ad will appear on Google at the very moment somebody is searching for product or services like yours. Therefore you'll be able to reach customers looking for what you provide. Whether they’re on desktop or mobile, a well-tuned ad will turn individuals into valuable customers.


While SEO focuses on strategies to increase organic rankings and SEM uses paid advertising to display websites in search results. While both are essential assets to any digital marketing plan, paid search has its own set of advantages that are worth discussing. There are a number of different paid search platforms out there, but Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is the most popular. Since beginning a paid search campaign requires only minimal time and cost, We would definitely recommend exploring it as an option for your business.

We are Certified by Google!

Yes! We are Certified by Google for our Digital Marketing Skills. Our team frequently creates goals in Google Analytics for our clients,  which can then be pulled into Google Ads to help understand campaign  performance. We’re able to track specific goals (form completions, page visits, etc.) and determine performance by every variable.

Get in front of consumers when they’re looking for businesses like yours on Search Ads and Maps. Only buy results, like clicks to your web site or calls to your business. you get detailed report of every aspect and can make data-driven decisions.

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Drive website traffic - BeeDigital

Grow on-line sales, bookings or subscription signups with on-line ads that direct people to your website.

Get more phone calls

Get more calls - BeeDigital

Increase customer calls with ads that feature your telephone number and a click-to-call button.

Increase your visitors

Increase your visitors - BeeDigital

Get additional customers in the door with business ads that facilitate people notice your company on the map.

Grab interest

Grab Interest - BeeDigital

Say something interesting about your business here.

Generate excitement

Generate Excitement - BeeDigital

What's something exciting your business offers? We'll say it

Close the deal

Close the deal - BeeDigital

Give customers a reason to do business with you.