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How Important is a Website for Your Business Success?

Having a presence on the web allows a business to succeed in a wider market or prospective consumer base. A website is a medium through which viewers can access information or purchase products over the internet. Website design is one amongst the foremost vital things that you just have to take in consideration if you wish to develop a website. Designing a website is not about putting all possible wow effects in front of the visitor. A website needs to be aesthetically attractive and has excellent usability, which means that your visitors must find the website user-friendly and eye-catching, and we put the best of our experience and research into your website to make it the best it can be.

Why a Light & Responsive Website?

Because of this, back in 2015, Google rolled out a change to the search engine algorithms which now factor in a website’s mobile presence as a ranking signal. The date was aptly named Mobilegeddon. This reason alone will justify why responsive design is important!

This includes mobile design elements such as:

• Readable text without requiring zoom,

• Adequate space for tap targets,

• and no horizontal scrolling.

What type of design is in?

With time, search engines have evolved dramatically and now those heavy images, effects, and scripts are often better if ignored. Light, fast, and responsive designs are a trending which features better relevance as the content would be short and crisp.

While serving our clients since 10 years, we have done research so deep that we can provide you an SEO friendly, light and fast, responsive website that looks stunning in just Rs. 3,000/- (Three thousand).

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Advantages of our Websites

Beautifully Simple

Simple Website Designs - BeeDigital

We use measured content, optimize it, and work hard to fit your desires of having a great website in a functional way that looks  beautiful and simple.

Secure Websites

Secure Website Platform - BeeDigital

Our websites are made on secure protocol https, so that you neither have to buy SSL certificate nor loose any customers.

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Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness of our websites - BeeDigital

We provide you complete solutions and explain everything with clear costs so there are no unpleasant surprises for you or for us after the work is done.

We can provide a fully functional responsive website with gallery, maps, and buttons all this in 1MB